about Marumoto Basketball Academy

For over twenty two years, the ultimate
goal at Marumoto Basketball Academy has been helping basketball players achieve their
ultimate goal…to be the best they can be!
Boys and Girls at all levels have seen
their basketball skills rise sharply due to
the unique MBA training program.
An Individual Athletic Analysis will begin
your program to determine your basketball
skills, highlighting strengths and weaknesses.

The tailored specialized program
is put into action helping you
achieve your goals.
If you're an athlete
seeking to get to that next level…
you've come to the right place.
At Marumoto Basketball Academy,
we make the commitment
to get you there!

What they are saying...

"Tom Marumoto spent countless hours in the gym helping me develop and perfecting my shot and fundamental skills. More importantly than being a great coach and person, Tom has continued to be a mentor and a faithful friend to me."

"Jeff Fryer
Loyola Marymount University
NCAA Division I Playoff
3 Point record holder
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